Skadi’s Hunt

I thought I would share the first short story that I wrote for class a few years back.  I wanted to write about something close to home so I decided to write about the goddess Skadi.  Skadi is a Jotun in the Norse myths that joins the Aesir after her father is killed by Odin.  […]

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A little motivation

I have been having a hard time the last week and a half staying motivated when it comes to school work.  The classes I am taking, while somewhat interesting, just are not giving me the spark that I have had the last year.  Luckily each class is only 8 weeks, so I am hoping it […]

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The Pit Stop

About a year ago, for one of my classes working toward my BA in English, our final project was to write a short story.  I decided to use this assignment to flesh out one of the characters from my novel.  In “The Pit Stop” we meet Nicodemus, a forgotten Norse god who is on his […]

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The State of Star Wars

My nephew is here for the Fourth of July.  I always look forward to seeing him as we have great conversations about Star Wars and Doctor Who.  He just graduated high school and has really grown up the past few years which makes pop-culture conversations much more engaging.  It has been interesting for me to get the view […]

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The fight rages on…

I had my bone marrow biopsy on the 20th.  I am not ashamed to admit that I was apprehensive about the procedure, my first experience with a bone marrow biopsy was a long and painful experience.  I am a large man, after the nurses missed the bone twice (one try in each hip) before calling […]

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Faith and Fantasy

Christian fiction is a genre unto itself.  I am sure there are also writers of fiction in all the major religions who infuse their faith into their work.  I am surprised that Pagan fiction is not a genre that is larger, if it exists at all.  Authors of all faiths use their work to talk […]

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A personal note

“I wanted to get a little personal today.  Four years ago this week I was diagnosed with b cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  It was a hard diagnosis to swallow.  At the time my son was almost five months old and my wife and I had been married just over a month.  My primary care physician […]

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