Back in the saddle


I’m back!  I had to take a forced hiatus from this blog due to school, opening our new business, and the holidays.  The problem is that it gets too easy to not write, and as a writer I NEED to write.  It helps my mood, which I admit has been on the down side lately.

The holidays were spectacular!  My daughter and mom visited us for Yule.  It is the first time I got was able to share my religious practices with my daughter and it was a great feeling.  It was also our first Christmas with my daughter which made it extra-special.  We took her to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The last time I was at Universal Studios the big attractions were the A-Team and Knight Rider stunt shows.  We also took her to Knott’s Berry Farm which was another fun day.  Although my wife had a fractures foot, we were able to rent a scooter for her so she could enjoy the day with us.  That scooter was a god-send.

December 26 was my son’s fifth birthday.  Mom and my daughter were there for that celebration as well.  It was so fulfilling seeing my kids together, playing, and just enjoying each other.

While she was here I got to Facetime with her girlfriend and finally meet her virtually face to face.  She is a sweetie and I am very happy the two of them found each other.

Once they left it was a bit of a downward spiral.  I was dealing with depression after they left when my new iPhone was stolen.  It was a rough start to the new year.

Part of my depression of late has had to do with my lymphoma.  This month marks the two year anniversary of me being in chemotherapy.  Two years of poisoning myself with 6 more months to go.  There are times that I am so tires of fighting this disease.  I just want to rest.  Then a friend of mine, who was married less than 5 years lost his wife to breast cancer.  Their son is only three.  After that I started to realize that I need to keep fighting, for myself and my family.

Part of that fight, and a way to help with my depression, is to get back to writing.  While it may be spotty from time to time as I finish my last few classes, there won’t be too many long lapses.

So thanks for being patient, and we will get together again soon.



2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. It sounds like a really nice positive holiday, followed by a nose dive into ick. Hang in there, Friend. We’re rooting for you, and the ugly C word can go suck on some piping hawt mol-ten lahvah.

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