First Look Friday!

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Starting today I will be posting on Fridays.  Tuesdays are just getting too cramped with school work and getting our cannabis delivery business started up.  So in honor of my first regular Friday post, here is a first look at Asenscion Book I of the Omega Tribe series.  Thanks for reading!



“My blood is on your hands.” That was the last statement that I heard from Kalen, as she slipped into death’s black void.  Was it my fault?  Yes, I was the one who pushed.  I was the one that made her believe in a life without the Seven.  Now it was up to me to make it right.  With a final look into her eyes, I laid her gently on the ground and turned to leave.

“Your blood is on my hands.  I will never forget that.”

“James, we must go, now.  We cannot afford to wait” Nicodemus said, as my gaze moved to his.  He saw the pain in my eyes, but he was right.  We must leave if we were to finish what we started – the Seven must be stopped – it was up to us.  My body became warm and my breathing calmed as pain turned to resolve.  I grabbed my pack and threw it over my shoulder, nodded to Nicodemus before following him out the door and into the dark night.

A year ago, I was just an average guy, working in a hotel, living paycheck to paycheck.  I thought surviving meant keeping my rent paid, food on the table, a few drinks on Saturday night, and if I was lucky a pretty girl in my bed.  Life can change drastically in a short time. Back then I hadn’t heard of the Seven or of the Omega Tribe – I had been living like any average twenty something just trying to get by. Now, as I descended into the dark of the night after Nicodemus, I realized how much everything had changed. James Murphy – the man I was – had died a year ago. I’m not sure who, or what, had taken his place.

That was then, now I was assaulting a fifty-two-story building in downtown Los Angeles.  I used to drive a Nissan, now I drove a vehicle that looked like something that Batman would drive.  Where was my boy wonder when I need him?  We were in desperate need of a corny one liner at that point.  Otherwise I might have screamed in terror of what I was doing and what I was up against.  So now I was in a fight for my life, all because some psychopath who had lived for centuries was trying to remake history.

“Their lights are still on. The power has been out for almost an hour in this part of the city and we are still three blocks away.” I said.

“Yes, but that is not what worries me James.  Once we get there we still have fifty-two stories to fight our way up to get to the Seven.”

“Don’t remind me.  I still can’t believe they are in 777 Tower. They are seven of the most powerful individuals on the planet.  Do they have no imagination?” I said exasperatedly.

“No one calls it 777 Tower anymore.  Besides, you know them.  Hide in plain sight has been an adage of theirs for centuries.  The irony of the address is not lost on me either, but we really don’t have to for a debate right now.  The Seven are waiting and we are running out of time.  I can tell your nervous.  You get talkative and you’re sense of humor gets unsophisticated when you are nervous.  It will be fine.  This is what we have trained for,” Nicodemus reminded me.

“Unsophisticated? I resemble that remark,” I said smiling, my eyes gleaming.  “Let’s do this.”

I looked out to the block before me and found two men with assault rifles and night vision goggles, dressed in black.  I called these guys CF, short for cannon fodder.  They were the minions of the Seven.  Not usually the brightest of mercenaries, but usually a good shot.  A bullet didn’t have to be smart to take out the back of your skull.  I focused my mind and raised my hand.  Bio-electricity erupted from my fingertips and coalesced into a ball around my hand.  In a flash of blue-white light, the energy flew straight into the two men, turning them to ash.  Two CF down, hundreds to go, I thought.

“We need to hurry,” Nicodemus reminded me. “Magnus and Jessica will be in position on the other side of the tower. Joseph will hold the power station, but he could be overrun, and the power could return at any moment.”

“Joe will be fine.  I am more worried about Jess and Mags.  There hasn’t been any activity on their end in quite a while.  I just can’t believe that they are encountering no opposition.  You say to trust him, but can you be sure that he is loyal?”

“I have known Magnus for over a millennium.  He may have been one a follower of the Seven in the past, but his resolve in his new path is absolute.”

I didn’t have Nicodemus’s faith our former enemy, I’d seen his resolve too, there were scars to all over my back to prove it.  I kept him at a distance, for good reason.  I knew that if I must, I would kill him, if he turned out to be a double agent.  Who am I kidding?  I was almost thirty, with very limited experience.  He was thousands of years old.  He had forgotten more ways to kill me than there were cells in my body.  Yeah, that would be a quick fight.

Another explosion ripped through the street ahead of us.  Ash clung to the atmosphere, giving the air a rotten egg, sulfur stench.  You could almost believe it was snowing, from the white cinders floating in the sky.  The screams of the injured and dying were there, but it was a whisper, like the soon to be dead had lost all hope.  In the smoke I lost sight of Nicodemus, but I knew I must keep going if I planned to survive the next few minutes.  It was time to move.  I took a breath and ran for the next building.

Typical of Los Angeles – weapons fire, explosions, power outages, and not one cop to be found.  Of course, they wouldn’t have had a prayer in this case.  Humans are a fragile race.  They would be hard pressed to win in a fight against the Seven and the Seven would just use them against us.  Better to be out of the way than a liability.

The next two blocks seemed to be clear. With the power out, there was a calm to the dark, like everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.  I knew at that moment that I was being watched.  Not a good feeling when you are covered head to toe in black and in a pitch-black city.  At that moment, I felt as if there was a spotlight centered on me, lighting me up for the whole world to see.  That is when I heard the half scream, half roar from just above me.  The growl echoed off the concrete and reverberated through my spine making a tingling sensation travel up my back.  My palms slickened with sweat, fear knotted my stomach and a heaviness sat in the middle of my chest.  No, not good.  I looked up and saw nothing but shadows within shadows.  Another howl erupted behind me.  Before I knew what is happening, my survival instincts kicked in and I was running like the devil himself was behind me.

Over the years the Seven have used technology to their advantage and as technology has advanced so did they.  In fact, some of the technological breakthroughs of the last century can be traced directly back to them, assuming you knew what you were looking for.  But this?  This was something out of a nightmare.  Nic told me that they have been trying their hand at genetic engineering, and here was living, breathing, proof stalking me.  As I took a quick look behind me I finally got a glimpse of the beast that was following me. The monster looked like a bear and a lion had a demon spawn.  It had a mane that was twisted and matted and fur that looked almost like quills on its back.  The claws were razor sharp, yet made no sound as the creature moved.  It could obviously see very well in the dark.  Who knew what other surprises it held?  I decided that I didn’t plan to stick around to find out.

It was apparent very quickly that I couldn’t outrun this thing, so, I decided to try the “old standby”.  Thinking that I must be insane as I faced my foe, I screamed as blue-white bio-electricity flashed from my hand.

“Oh shit!” The forked lightning hit the bear/lion monstrosity and the creature absorbed it.  Not only did it absorb the blast, but it grew bigger.  The Seven had found a way to neutralize my main offensive weapon.  At this point I felt like Han Solo in the Death Star.  Yelling and screaming, chasing Stormtroopers, only to find myself face to face with a hundred of them.  Time for plan “B”, just wish I knew what plan “B” was.


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