“Get the hell out!”

My wife kicked me out on Saturday, again, and I love her for it.  Every once in awhile she will tell me to “get the hell out” and send me to the movies or to do some shopping for her.  For me it is an hour or two of freedom, away from school, my son, running two businesses, and being a stay at home dad.  I cherish those times, it helps me to recharge.


Usually I go to see a movie.  When I went to see Thor Ragnarok I was the only person in the theatre, I had the whole screen to myself.  Granted it is not a huge theatre, it is one of the few small theatres left in the area.  It has four screens and there is usually no crowd, unless it is a big event movie, but even then the crowds are small.

There are bigger, more comfortable theatres around.  Studio Movie Grill, the one we go to as a family, just put in reclining chairs and will be serving meals while you watch.  They have spent tens of thousands of dollars to give you the best movie experience possible, and it is, but sometimes those small theatres are so much better.

There is more character to the small theatre.  With the limited number of movies shown they get to pick and choose.  When you enter the smell of popcorn fills the air.  You are surrounded by bigger than life displays that take up too much room, but no one seems to mind.  The movie goers are quitter in the small space and there is an air of nostalgia.  Every time I am there, I am taken back to summers in high school, hanging out at the movies, catching a double feature, hiding out and smoking cigarettes before the show.  It was pure, and some of my best memories from that time in my life.

The first movie that I saw in my short span of exile from the home was Creed.  I am not a huge fan of the Rocky movies, but this film caught my eye as the main character of the film, the son of Apollo Creed, is trained by Rocky Balboa.  In the film Rocky is diagnosed with lymphoma.  I was brought to tears by this.  You see I had just been diagnosed with lymphoma myself, so I understood the pain and fear I was seeing on screen.  For me, it was putting all my feelings on the screen for everyone to see.  I decided at that moment if Rocky can beat it, so can I.

My wife knows me better than I know myself at times.  She can tell when I need some time alone.  I have been a loner for most of my life, so finding a partner that understands that I need time alone is a gift from the gods.


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